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Human Resources pride of place and undeniable role in corporate development, as a catalyst and a vector of innovation, are our core values.

It is up to Human Resources to fulfill these and demonstrate them in tangible results and high performance.

In fact, its vocation is aligning the company to be in phase and face up to today’s workplace – an evolving and unpredictable impetus, hard to forecast with technology constantly upgrading. Our task is to be innovative, to “pick up the gauntlet” of challenge and strive towards our common future in symbiosis.

It is, however, up to the company as well to unlock potential, to create a dynamic that incentivizes, motivates and integrates, synergies of skills and interpersonal action, fostering team spirit to nurture pro activity, creativity and the indispensable interactive relationships, team building, with a more personalized, humane policy, guiding along the career path, maximizing the internal social environment. This is the “how” of encouraging the women and men that make up our wealth of human capital in our Group by steady improvement of the Group’s Human Resources management practices, upgrading and valorizing with care our human capital to target and achieve the highest skilled performance on the market.

Whilst strict respect to local labor regulations in currently force, the KENZI Group will attain development of Human Resources policy, enhancing leadership, empowerment and over achievement, of an individual as a vital team player, instilling the Group’s core value system.

The corner stone foundation of our Human Resources management strategy lies in fostering personal development and benchmarking skill sets always including the four great “pillars” of Human Resources Management:

identifying and nurturing intrinsic skills, contingency and succession planning, training, hiring and mobility. This policy empowers individuals to make their personal objectives coherent and aligned to the Group’s policy, encourages feedback and assertiveness, initiative and self-starting, encourages communication and work flow between management and team players, performance appraisals, skill sets’ identification to synergize and achieve assignments, ownership and career path guidance.



Performance Management is the foundation of sustainable improvement, thanks to the its vocation to enhance and unlock potential in all members of Staff. This processus uses same performance appraisals throughout the whole Group, performance criteria is adapted to each hotel’s objectives.



Human Resources achieve the Group’s strategy forecast through employee development and provides opportunities for internal promotion for career path enhancement and steers the organization towards growth and rapid and efficient development through putting the right people in the right positions, by indentifying future leader ship “Senior” candidates and their Stand Ins, by creating an internal “pool” for future generations.

Human Resources forecasts and supports change in multicultural, multi experienced, diverse environment, fostering talent.



The process of succession planning is designed to encourage personal development and to ensure continuity in key positions, whether in managerial roles or technical expertise, with relevant stand ins. It is essential for the Group as it seeks to preserve the “corporate memory capacity”, ongoing individual and organizational efficiency. The result os the process is the identification of successors and their development needs to take on new leadership roles.

The priority is acquiring leadership skills and technical aptitudes.



The Kenzi Group is committed to ensuring that each candidate is treated fairly and with equal opportunity, dignity and conformity with the policy of diversity.

The Groups wishes to maintain a transparent dynamic on the labor market, covering all the locations in which we operate, encouraging career development, personal objectives and mobility within the Group. The only exception to this policy is that jobs are filled through succession planning giving rise to internal promotion.



The KENZI Group’s objectives are to provide training and ongoing development to improve qualifications and skills for all Staff, on the basis of planning, forecasting and workforce management, analysis of requirements, qualifications and training programs. Nonetheless, ultimately it is up to the individual employee to continue this training and development path and to continue improvement of their skills and higher qualifications.

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