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About Kenzi Hotels Group

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Our Core Values

A passion for Morocco, a mythical and legendary land that perfectly portrays the Orient and the Occident.

Our vocation is to always seek :
That our clients discover our unique country, our culture.
To make the experience an absolute enchantment, where one discovers the mosaic of our millennial multiculturalism that is allied with modernity. To represent our greatest strength: our willpower to excel in every domain.

The Pleasure of Sharing

The Kenzi client should always be able to harmoniously intertwine the sheer pleasure of feeling at home and the
delicious sensations of feeling far , far away.

Facilities at Kenzi Hotels Group

Open Mind and Open Spirit

At the KENZI HOTELS GROUP, we consider that diversity is a wealth, a treasure, as we have it in ourselves. This multicultural melting pot is combined with our unquenchable thirst for everything new and innovative.

The KENZI HOTELS GROUP has taken pride in its position as a Moroccan group respecting international norms and standards. We carry the torch and defend the bright colors of the national hotel industry. We consider everyday a new challenge to the face of the power and the means of global economic players, such as major hotel chains.

With this in mind, the group is constantly evolving. All of our hotels have been partially or even completely renovated to
allow us to offer a high quality service, a pleasant customer experience, and to distinguish ourselves as the best, amongst the best competitors within the hotel industry.

All the above shows that the KENZI HOTELS GROUP has sought to imprint its prestige brand and its outstanding identity,
which is a synthesis of its vision and its fundamental values:

• Create an offer that exceeds expectations, a relaxing and sensory experience
• Showcase the synergy of modernity combined with the finest of traditional styles
• Represent the unique Moroccan culinary and event preparation rituals
• Respect International standards and technological norms
• Offer different and rare life experiences in havens and faraway places.

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