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KENZI hotels and club have thought of everything to guarantee you a pleasant stay

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The Health Protocols on all of our Hotels.

Today more than ever, our customers, employees and partners need to be reassured about our ability to take care of them, and the reception conditions in better conditions

Meetings & Events

Host successful events at Kenzi Hotels Group

Host successful meetings and events in Morocco at Kenzi Hotels Group, featuring venues for meetings, conferences, weddings and all type of events.


Argana Meeting Room at Kenzi Sidi Maarouf

Kenzi Hotels Meeting Rooms

Kenzi Hotels Meeting Rooms

Spa & Wellness

Relax, Revitalise & Replenish at Kenzi Hotels

We understand how busy and stressful life can be. The spa experiences of Kenzi Hotels Group give you the perfect excuse to relax and rejuvenate offering you treatments and spaces to let you indulge in a special moment, a moment for you.

Spa pool at Kenzi Club Agdal Medina Hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco

Spa at Kenzi Club Agdal Medina

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Modern hotel in heart of Casablanca

This is a very modern hotel in downtown Casablanca with big new rooms and great views. It is very convenient to bars and coffee shops. The restaurant is top notch. You can walk around the area and feel safe.

RMJ42, Tripadvisor

Really lovely hotel

I enjoyed my stay from beginning to end. I was in Casablanca on business, and the staff made me feel very welcome from the get go. I had a very spacious bedroom with a great view of Casablanca. The bed was incredibly comfortable, and the bathroom was stunning- probably the best shower (wet room) I’ve ever had in my life! I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Casablanca.

LFran13, Tripadvisor

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