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  • Marrakech Must Visit: La Medina

    You can find thousands of foodstuffs, fabrics and handicrafts in the medina and its souks (markets) which are enclosed by fabulous 12th century ramparts.


  • Casablanca Must See: Hassan II Mosque

    Completed in 1993, the Mosque of Hassan II, is the 7th largest mosque in the world. Unique and spectacular, it is built on a platform over the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Agadir Beach Life

    With 9km of beaches, Agadir is the perfect place to relax and unwind. For those with more energy, there is a wide array of watersports and activities such as quad bikes.


About Kenzi Hotel Group


We have a passion for Morocco, symbiosis of the Orient and the Occident, mythical, cult, legendary land.

Our Vocation is to always seek to :

  • Make the discovery of our unique country an absolute enchantment with the mosaic of our Millennial multiculturalism allied with modernity.
  • Our greatest strength is our willpower to excel in every domain.


To link in harmonious intertwining the sheer pleasure of feeling at home, whilst abroad, with the delicious sensation of feeling somewhere “off the charts” and far, far away.


At the KENZI HOTEL GROUP, we consider that diversity is a wealth, a treasure, as we have it within ourselves, the multicultural mosaic “melting pot”, together with our unquenchable thirst for all that is new and innovative.

The KENZI HOTEL GROUP has taken its pride of position in its capacity as a Marocco-Moroccan group complying with international norms and standards. We bear the torch high and stand up for the flying colors of the national hotel industry, making each day a new challenge to achieve and to “pick up the gauntlet” and face up to the power and the means of World Class dimension economic actors, such as the major hotel chains (Accor, Starwood…)

Bearing this in mind, the Group knows constant evolution. All its hotels have been partially or even fully renovated to spearhead our Group to over achieve in high quality service and guest experience, to distinguish ourselves as the best, the finest, the front-runners, amongst the competition in the hotel industry.

International Brand Spas (such as the O-Spa by Clarins), fine dining and culinary art restoration (the Group surrounds itself with only the highest caliber gastronomy, fin gourmet professionals, (like the

Pourcel Brothers, in order to perpetually revisit and reinvent its menus, an ongoing variety of succulent cuisine), bars …. Biz centers …

All the above make the statement that the KENZI HOTEL GROUP has sought to imprint its hallmark, its high profile brand, its striking identity, which represent synthesis of its Vision and its Core Values and which the following criteria also interpret and carry through :

  • Create an offer that will meet highest of expectations, relaxation, sensorial experience
  • Showcase synergy of modernity allied with the finest of the traditional styles
  • Unique Moroccan rituals in culinary and setting the fin gourmet table arts and events
  • International, technological norms and standards
  • Different and rare life experiences in havens and far away places


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